General  rules

Authors who wish to publish studies, articles and researches, are asked to observe the following rules of drafting of the materials, with the specification that non-compliance will lead to non-publication, without further notice from the Editorial Committee. Please note that submitting any material to the editor for publication implies the consent of the author (s) on the rules and criteria set forth below.

Articles, studies and research will only be sent electronically to the email address of the journal

In the content of the materials submitted for publication it is mandatory presence of the following elements:

– The article shall have at least 4 pages and maximum 8 pages – with a two column layout. An even number of pages is preferred! Office 2013 is recommended.

It is mandatory that the article should have an Introduction section (short one) and Conclusion section/similar, or it shall be rejected. There shall be no inserted footnotes. The indication of references shall be done by using the source’s number between brackets, for example: [1], and the corresponding note is added at the end of the document, in the References section. Here, in the same form, shall be added in order all other bibliographic sources, even if they not directly correspond to a specific paragraph in the text [2].

– it is mandatory to fill in the sections of the abstract, keywords and content – in English! Each material will contain an abstract (Times New Roman, italic, 10, minimum 50 words) and at least three keywords (Times New Roman, italic, 10), mandatory in English. In the abstract the author must state clearly what the purpose of research and concrete objectives are and the key words represent concepts, expressions or phrases that define the object of the research.

– Regarding the foreign language fluency, we recommend consulting an interpreter on the foreign language the paper is drafted in;

The article is to be submitted only together with the Article Registration Form (.pdf form).

Articles submitted for publication must be original works, previously unpublished. The responsibility for the content of the article lies with the author. In case of plagiarism, the entire responsibility rests solely with the author / authors of the article. We recomend special computer software.

How to publish

I.Should you desire to publish an article in our journal, please use the following documents for submission:



B. ARTICLE TEMPLATE (.docx – please use Office 2013)

HRLE blank.pdf



II.Please send all the documents at the following mail address:


-The articles must be sent no later than 1st of June (for 1st issue) and 1st of November (for 2nd issue);

-Please allow 2 weeks for peer reviewing;

-The maximum number of articles/issue is 10;

-Please ensure you have used Office 2013 for editing the article;

-You are only allowed one article per issue (sole author or coauthor);

-we evaluate the articles based on their content. We cannot agree to publish article that lack originality, are not being actual and have no scientific content. By submitting the article for evaluation, you fully accept our terms.